Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My favorite hair products!!

Hey guys, So I recently got a new hair cut and rediscovered some of my favorite hair products! I have extremely thick, frizzy, curly hair, I don't have super tight curls so I call them "medium curls" not tight curls but more than waves. I love the way my hair looks once its been flat ironed but its takes me forever so most of the time I wear my hair curly just because its easy and it take me about 10 minutes, but for those few weeks after I get a new hair cut I love to straighten my hair. For many years I could never find anything that would help me keep my hair straight and frizzless for more than a few hours after I used my flat iron, but about a year ago I discovered some products that help me keep the straight hair I love until my next shampoo.   :) 

Normally I use a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair (Bed Head Hi-Def Curls) but when I plan to flat iron my hair I use a heat defender shampoo and conditioner because I tend to have bad split ends. My favorite is the Dove Damage Therapy Defense (Walmart $7 for both). Once I get out of the Shower and towel dry my hair I use the Tresemme smooth no frizz spray (Walmart $4). I then like to use a wide tooth comb just to work the product through my hair, then I just use a blow dryer to blow my hair dry. If you have hair like mine or hair with a lot of body or volume already I do not recommend flipping your head over when your blow drying your hair, but if you have hair you wish to add volume too flipping you head can be a great thing to help add extra body!! 

Once my hair is completely dry I like to use an all over heat protector spray, I love the Suave Professionals Heat Protection Spray (Walmart $4) after I spray that in I brush through my hair and pull my hair up into sections. It helps to section off my hair because its so thick and it just helps me get my hair as straight as possible.

Finally when I have finished flat ironing my hair I use my FAVORITE hair product I own! Its the Straight Sexy Hair smooth and seal spray! (Ulta $20) This will keep my hair straight and frizz free until my next shampoo! 

Straight Sexy HairSmooth & Seal™ is a light, aerated anti-frizz spray which helps lock out moisture, keeping straight hair smooth and shiny. Leaves hair smoother, shinier and more manageable.

Suave Heat Protector Spray: Salon proven to protect against heat damage as well as REDKEN® Hot Sets™ 22 This heat protection spray contains a thermal defense serum to help defend your hair against heat damage from blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.

 Tresemme smooth no frizz spray: A lightweight, non-greasy spray serum designed for all hair types. Reduces and prevents frizz. Adds gloss shine and finish. 

 I honestly cant rave about these products enough, before I found these products I was just convinced that I couldn't have straight hair for more than a few hours. I'm so glad I found them and I hope you will give them a try if you have the same problems with your hair.  

Thanks for reading!! :) 

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